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Article Published In Vol. 01, Issue 01, (2021)

Clinical – Demographic Profile and Trends of COVID-19 Patients at Rural Tertiary Care Hospital in North India

Pages : 15-19, doi:

Author : Bhagat Singh, Dheer Singh, Vinod Verma, Ramakant Yadav and Renu Singh

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Context: India with 1.38 billion people become second most populous country that represent almost 17.85% of world’s population is trying best to mitigate Corona Virus Disease -19 (COVID-19) transmission like other country.

Aim: Our aim was to find out critical care requirement including ICU, ventilator etc. as well as major comorbidities and other complications in patients with COVID-19 at rural tertiary care hospital in India.

Settings and Design: Present study is a retrospective observational study for clinical manifestation of patients with COVID-19 at Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences, Saifai, Etawah.

Material and Methods: Total 415 patients were admitted till 31 July 2020, while 125 during 15-31 July 2020. Criteria for inclusion were –

  1. Only positive cases with COVID-19 were included.
  2. Closed cases with known outcome. 3. Age > 18 years.

Result: Out of 415 patients, 257 were discharged alive while 58 were deceased and 100 patients were remain admitted in the hospital till 31st July 2020, males and female admitted were 67.07% and 32.92% respectively. During 15-31 July 2020 total 125 patients with covid-19 were admitted, out of them 111 were discharged after treatment while 14 were deceased. The mortality rate 11.2% was observed at our facility during this period. Nearly 41% of the diseased were of age group 60 years or more against 9% population of this age group in India. Overall, 14.19% was admitted to ICU and 6.02% was having ventilator requirement. Major comorbidities observed were hypertension (30.76%), diabetes (26.92%), kidney disease (23.07%) while (19.25%) include others.

Conclusion: Comorbidities and upper age were associated with greater ICU admissions and ventilator requirement more over leading to higher mortality. Septic shock was measure complication (50.00%); ARDS (38.46%) followed by pneumonia (34.61%) remaining belongs to other complications. Average stay in the hospital was found 11.4 days, while it was variable in different age groups.

Keywords: SARS‐CoV‐2, Trends of COVID-19, Comorbidities, Demographic profile


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